July 25, 2009

California Dreamin'

As per my usual, I have an annual summer stuff post. Problem is, summer isn't here yet. For me. I live in Canada and Canada has been having an extraordinarily chill and rainy summer, coming only second to the summer of 1992 during which there was a volcanic eruption and there was volcanic ash in the atmosphere which record-breakingly cooled things down. Note: there was no sarcasm in the previous statement. I am not making that up!

But what the heck, with makeup we can totally pretend it's summer. Here is everything you need:

First and foremost

I've already talked about a great sunscreen for the face. But for your body you don't want a tiny jar like that and you also want something that stays on very well. This summer I upgraded to Coppertone Sport Continous Spray SPF 60. I really have found no cons to this product. It is matte, non-greasy, almost instantly sets, low odour, high SPF, super-easy application (you don't even have to rub it in), low price. My boss's husband shaves his head and enjoys using this product on his head because of the matte finish. I like it because there is no cap to lose, you just twist and click. Immense thumbs up.

Bring Out the GhostBusters

St. Ives, Banana Boat, and even Rexall gradual tanners have been previously reviewed on this blog. This year I decided my pasty legs (I wear jeans most of the time, the rest of me gets some amount of tan because I forget sunscreen a good deal) needed a kickstart. Enter Life Brand's version of the Tan Towel, coincidentally manufactured by Tan Towel. For some reason you can't buy them under the Tan Towel name in Canada. Whatever. It had decent reviews on MakeupAlley and the convenience of a towelette really jumped out at me in a world of foams and sprays and other things that make a mess all over your house. But this was a terrible product. I exfoliated in multiple ways (including the exfoliating/moisturising towelette you can purchase in the same line which I incidentally loved) beforehand however it still clung to drier areas, but not horribly noticeably. What was quite noticeable was how one leg was at least three shades darker than the other. Despite my following the specific instruction on the package to gradually unfold it as I worked, the towelette was almost completely bereft of self tanner by the time I finished one leg. And finally, what colour there was (which wasn't much more than I have had with gradual tanner, although quicker...even on the tanner leg) was orange. Not crazy-horrible orange. Just "I did a home self tan" orange. I tan naturally brown, so my arms and leg(s) didn't match. Plus, nobody naturally tans orange.
So I'm still looking for a good single application tanner. I will update if I find something.

Since you religiously use facial sunscreen daily

Regular Canadian price is around six dollars, and it was on sale for $1.99. Do you really get what you pay for? This is New York Color's Sun 2 Sun bronzer and despite my pale skin I liked the colour combination of the darkest one and with a light hand it was not too dark. The two colours work very well together and the texture is excellent. I love it!!

Finish your look with a spritz of

Last year it was Pure and this year, also by mark., is Instant Vacation Costa Rica. This is my new summer favourite. The notes are iced watermelon, guava, and warm sand accord. You must try this!!

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