May 04, 2009

The Tannery

Yes, my friends, it is that time of year again. That is, when I put out a post on my never-ending summer battle to not look like Casper.

This year I found something that works quite well. It was two dollars and it's store-brand.

Rexall Tan assist. Both phrases "sunless bronzer" and "self-tanning gel" appear on the label, because it does both. It gives an instant shot of colour, which is helpful if you've forgotten to use it, just slap some on and you have a bit of a tan. Also quite helpful in the long run because it guarantees a streak-free, even application: you can see where you put it. There is also some mica in a nice glow (I can just imagine how nice that effect would be in the sun), not tacky glitter.

I chose the Deep shade, I wouldn't really recommend any of the others. I'm as pale as the average Joe gets...and this is not too dark. The shade just means it has a higher DHA concentration and will get you tan faster.

Speaking of DHA, it does not have that nasty self-tanner smell at all. It has a light scent that did not bother my dad (score!!).

I used this for maybe a week and a half leading up to my semi-formal. I'll be honest, I didn't look like some beach goddess. But in my opinion, you're not going to get that look with a gradual self tanner. It's too fake a look for me anyway. But I did have very nice healthy colour, and I actually noticed in one photo of me and four of my friends that I was the darkest among them...I have NEVER had that happen before.

I used this over a moisturizer from Avon, Planet Spa African Shea Butter (a really superb product) and I had no streaking or problems. Sometimes I just put the lotion on all over and then the gel, or sometimes I put the lotion on knees and elbows and dry areas for more control.

This really does get a big thumbs up!

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