January 01, 2009

Pure by mark. (and the clear mascara debate)

mark. is a sub-brand of Avon marketed toward youth, the youthful, and soccer moms who like to pretend they're all hip and trendy but really look like they're wearing their daughter's clothing (note: this is in no way aimed at my own mother who has her own style and I am SO glad that she doesn't try to look like me). I really like their products--more expensive than Avon but still in the "drugstore" realm of pricing. They are very high quality.

Pure is a "clean" fragrance that smells like soap and lemon Pledge. In a good way. It could be classified as a "skin scent", but on me it's not. I still like it. It's very light and I wore it throughout the summer and into the autumn without complaint from my fragrance-sensitive dad or anyone at school. To me it smells like summer. Why, many people ask, would you pay to smell like Ivory soap? Why not just rub a bar on your pulse points? I'm honestly not 100% sure. But it's a big selling point in North America. I bought into it, and I wear Pure all the time. I give this scent two thumbs up and a recommendation to anyone considering it.

Any thoughts, readers? In this society where people shower every day, have high quality soaps, deodorants, etc...perfumes that smell like everything imaginable...why pay to smell like "clean"? Why wear clear mascara (I do so for the conditioning benefits) and lipstick that matches your lips, claiming you enjoy the natural look? In fact...there are ODOURLESS perfumes available. Just for the sake of having something to spray on. My boss (I work at a salon) was showing a client the different products we carry, and the client asked what Goldwell's "styling milk" was for. Bear in mind my boss was trying to make a sale here..."Nothing," she replied, "It's for people who want to put something in their hair but not look like they have anything in their hair."

What are your thoughts?

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clear mascara said...


Ok, I love clear mascara, but odourless pefume? Really does sound like an overkill... What do people who sell it claim? At least clear mascara can shape eyebrows, curl lashes, etc... What does odourless perfume do? Sorta like the invisible clothes...