July 25, 2009

This Week's Menu

Well, this week I will be more or less here, with the exception of a Tuesday/Wednesday sleepover that probably will not affect how much I post since it will include a trip to The Big Mall and I am sure there will be lots to discuss.

So to keep myself and my readers on their toes, here is some semblance of what you can look forward to (major-posting-wise, there will be lesser stuff) in the next few days:

Tonight: Summer Roundup
Sunday: Salon vs. Drugstore Hair-Care
Monday: Hand Creams
Tuesday: Hand Creams part deux
Wednesday: Beauty for the Young and Inhuman (yes, you read that right!)
Thursday: Randomness, TBA (I'm working Thursday so there won't be much)
Friday: Beauty Research
Saturday: A Peek in My Makeup Bag :)

I know I am terribly negligent of my readers, but I am *hoping* to follow this up with a few themed weeks, ie. "A Week of Fragrance".

Also to look forward to sometime in the near future: I plan to visit The Really Big Mall (with multiple floors) with a friend and there will be lots to discuss!

And finally...I have a SURPRISE planned! Your only hint is that the title of this post vaguely alludes to it. As I become more sure of the date I will give advance notice.

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