October 23, 2009

An Exclusive First Look

...at nothing particularly special. But I thought some of my readers might be interested in the stuff I use absolutely-every-day. I've reviewed most of the items before and I will link to the reviews where appropriate...but this way they are put forward in a comprehensive regimen. So here you are, an Exclusive First Look at the inside of my everyday essentials traincase.

Clean Slate

I start off in the morning with either Avon Anew Alternative-which leaves a film on my skin that I find helps hold in the moisture-or Avon Solutions AM/PM Radiance cleanser (when I run out or they have a good sale I'd like to try AM/PM Maximum Moisture), followed by Mark For Goodness Face moisturizer-filled with antioxidants in a stable packaging, SPF 30. I keep some Oxy Emergency on hand for mornings as well.

Review of Radiance cleanser
Review of For Goodness Face moisturizer

It's Base-ic

If I have plans for an intense day or spending a lot of time outside, sometimes my next step is a primer like Avon Magix (SPF 20!) or Smashbox Photo Finish. The Magix comes in a tinted version now too. If you just like a light coverage, it can do that as well as hold back shine. Sometimes I just mix it right into my moisturizer!

Laying Foundation

On days when I have horrible time constraints (meaning I slept in), unless my skin looks like a disaster I will combine foundation and powder in one step, which doesn't work quite as well but is sufficient. My go-to product for those days is mark. Powder Buff powder foundation. When I do have decent time though, I start with my absolute favourite foundation, Maybelline Dream Mousse Matte. This stuff has great buildable coverage, unbelievable blendability (texture-wise as well as matching-wise), and has the same matte texture as the rest of your skin. I follow with my jar of NYC translucent loose powder which has lasted me since I was about 13 and I still have a considerable amount left. Trust me, you need no other loose powder. I think it's around four bucks Canadian and it works just as well or better than any other product on the market right now.

Then the Fun Stuff

At this point I can curl my lashes (with my dollar store eyelash curler) and be done, or I can add to my look. I might add some eyeliner...since I usually go over my waterline I've found Avon waterproof Glimmersticks to work excellently. I'm still trying to find a mascara that I really love, and one of my future posts will be a mascara breakdown. Currently my best bet is L'Oreal's Beauty Tubes. Then perhaps some colour...I've really been enjoying NYC's Sun 2 Sun bronzing powder as well as Smashbox Softlights duo (this isn't part of their regular line so I've linked to an excellent review), because I find a slightly more sculpted look with two colours works quite well with my face shape. Then of course I can add whatever lipcolour in my stash suits my fancy. :)

Review of L'Oreal Beauty Tubes mascara.
Review of Sun 2 Sun bronzer.

To Bed, To Bed, Says Sleepyhead

At the end of the day I take it all off with one of the cleansers listed at the beginning of this post, apply a thin layer of Oxy 5% benzoyl peroxide, and finish up with MAC Strobe Cream.

Review of Strobe Cream.

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