May 18, 2009

Running Out and Replacing

Something I haven't really touched on this blog is facial skincare. Because I had been using whatever came my way. However, I am not happy with what I've been using, I've started running out of stuff, and my skin seems to be needing a little more than what I've been giving it. Over the next week or so you can expect some updates on this topic, but here's where I am so far:

I had been cleansing with a Biore product. I happened to knock what was left of my tube off the bathroom counter into the toilet. :'( I thought this might be a good opportunity to try something new (it seemed a bit drying for my skin type anyway). So I ordered Avon's AM/PM Solutions cleanser. It's two bottles stuck together, one side is designed for the morning and one for the night. They have a very nice orange scent and have been working very well for me. You only need a little bit, too.

I exfoliate when necessary with mark. by Avon's Berry Grand super exfoliating get a big jar and it only takes a little, you mix some with your cleanser and it works remarkably well with the AM/PM cleanser.

Moisturizer...I have been using for the past several months mark. by Avon's sea water gel. But strangely enough it is filled with blue sparkles which really aren't necessary in a moisturizer. And it also seems to be reacting with the Oxy benzoyl peroxide I skin literally burns at night, and it's not the Oxy on its own. I looked up in my lovely new edition of Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me what are the best moisturizers for combination to slightly dry skin. She actually has very few listed because the state-of-the-art formulas she praises are often in packaging that degrades the ingredients. But MAC's Strobe Cream, believe it or not, is one of her top picks, so I will do my best to get out the the mall this week and pick up a tube.

In the morning I generally just cleanse with the AM cleanser and slap on some sunscreen...I find Banana Boat is not too oily like some brands are. However this doesn't give me a lot of moisture. But another Paula favourite is mark. by Avon's For Goodness Face, which is a light day moisturizer with a stable SPF 30. I plan to order some from the next brochure and give that a shot because it sounds perfect!

So...updates are coming, my friends, and hopefully my skin can get a bit more of what it needs in the process.

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