October 26, 2015

LashBlast Clump Crusher Review

For some reason, I've never been a big fan of CoverGirl's plastic wands since the original LashBlast came out. They just don't do the magical things for my lashes that everyone else gets so excited about. I was sent Clump Crusher to try (for free)
and I wondered if I would still feel the same.

I was using a cheapo Essence mascara at the time, and CC was head and shoulders beyond that. I got nice length and very few clumps. Maybe it's the curve of this wand, but I am finally in approval of the plastic wand. The colour, "very black", is a nice deep black great for everyday wear.

But "nice" is really as far as it got. I have used many mascaras (in particular, Maybelline) that give better length and/or better volume with the same negligible clumping. I've found this with nearly every CoverGirl mascara I've tried. This isn't a bad mascara, in fact it's a good mascara, but it just doesn't have any kind of a "wow" factor for me. I'd recommend to a friend looking for a natural look.

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