January 13, 2015

Secret Scent Expressions Review

In December, BzzAgent sent me Secret Scent Expressions clear gel antiperspirant in Ooh-La-La-Lavender to try. (Yes, they sent it to me for free to to review, but the following post is my own opinion.)

It's been a while since I used a clear gel...I stopped in the past because I didn't like waiting for it to dry. I also find aerosols don't work as well as a stick. So how does Secret Outlast perform in comparison?

Wetness protection - excellent. Probably better than most antiperspirants on the shelf. That said, I still had a few damp moments at certain times when I was transitioning between temperatures (such as getting on the bus, which is heated, while being dressed for frigid temperatures).

Odour protection - phenomenal. The delightful lavender scent lasts in a very subtle way throughout the day.

White marks - this is where Outlast loses points. It's true that once dry, you'll get no white marks. However, I put a shirt on while it was still wet and ended up with a big white stripe across the shirt, I had to wear a completely different shirt to work. As nice as this product is, I don't think I'm completely sold on switching to a clear gel. As far as comparison with sprays goes, this is definitely a superior product except for this issue.

Value - the one thing that would prevent me from buying this (without a sale, at least) is the amount of product. The review period isn't even done yet and I'm almost out, despite only using one "click" per underarm. While the amount of product to price is about the same as other antiperspirants, you use much more with a gel. In fact, just ignoring the price, it's annoying how often you'd have to replace it.

Overall - really excellent product, one of the best at the drugstore in my opinion. But the drying time and amount of product you go through are still holding me back from switching to gel.

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