May 04, 2009


So, as mentioned in the last post I tried my Avon conditioner for straight hair (I like using products for straight hair because they give a smooth and sleek look, despite my head of curls) with the Hydralicious reconditioning shampoo.

The good news: my hair looks REALLY, REALLY GOOD. Even better than with the Hydralicious conditioner.

The bad news: I am breaking out around my hairline, and getting a mild case of flaking in my hair--which usually happens when I use overly moisturizing products. This could be either from the repeated use of such an intense shampoo, or the combination of the two heavy products.

So next time I shampoo, I'll try going back to the Reconditioning conditioner. If the problems continue I'll have to switch shampoos. :( I don't want to do that though, since I've never seen my hair in such good condition.

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