May 19, 2009

A Quenching Beverage for your Skin

Last night I gave DHC's Extra Nighttime Moisture a shot. I had to exfoliate twice yesterday to get rid of some persistent flakes but now I am clean!! Anyway, I needed whatever moisture I could get, so it sounded good.

I can sum this product up very quickly: almost too moisturizing. The upside is I woke up with fabulous skin, my skin felt quenched and hydrated to the max. A rather unfortunate part is the consistency. The spreadability is quite poor, leaving you applying an excessive amount. But this stuff is very greasy and oily. Surprisingly I didn't break out or anything, so I guess the formulation is okay, but after applying, I just couldn't rub it in. Most of it just sat on the skin in a very scary way. I ended up taking paper and blotting my entire face, which helped a bit, but I was still extremely shiny.

This is a great product for extra moisture, and the greasiness is nonacnegenic, but a slightly lower viscosity would highly improve the product.

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