May 19, 2009

Olay Definity

When I first saw the ads, I knew intuitively that Olay Definity was a big scam. But to get to the review: today I tried their Intense Hydrating Cream. It was not very exciting. The first time I used it was after the Paula's Choice mask and I put it on and thought, holy moley, this is the best stuff I've ever used. But it was obviously just the mask because I used it again tonight and it honestly (without the overshadow of the mask) felt like a very lightweight, very boring serum. I actually ended up putting another cream overtop (which will be reviewed at a later date) because a mere one minute after applying it my skin started to feel dry and tight, as if I had applied no moisturizer at all. The good points: nice smell, lovely texture. The remaining bad point to be stated: for a below mediocre, bordering on terrible product (I am "Definite" this did nothing "Intense"), the price is insane. Not as much as MD Skincare charges, but let me put it to you this way. (And apologies, I don't have Canadian prices, I'm taking the prices from Paula Begoun's book since I never looked at a store for these products.) This stuff is $30 US for 1.7 ounces. Olay Active Hydrating Cream (an equally lousy product from what I can draw from reviews, but the point here is that this is within the same brand, just a different line...) is $7 US for 2 ounces. And the comparison from a completely different brand? Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (a rather boring product, although it does what it says) is $12 US for SIXTEEN ounces. 16 ounces of the Definity would be $282 US. Yikes, you say? Well, that's not too bad...this is roughly the same price as MAC's Strobe Cream which is my intended replacement (around $30 US). For yet a different perspective, the MD Skincare Maximum Moisture Treatment I previously reviewed. $45 US for ONE ounce. $720 US for 16 ounces. Hey, while I'm out on a limb, why not see how much farther I can go. The acclaimed Creme De La Mer (contains SYNTHETIC water, ooh la la) is $110/1 ounce, $195/2 ounces, $1200/16.5 ounces! Creme De La Mer has often been compared to Nivea Creme: $7.42 for 6.8 ounces, some quick mental math tells us 16 ounces would be around $16, bargain-bottoming out around a dollar per ounce.

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