April 30, 2009

Reconditioning Hydralicious and ooh! A Story!

I am actually a big fan of the Reconditioning (purple). I have a story about how it totally saved my life which I will put at the end. So keep reading. But overall: usually a conditioning shampoo is too oily for my scalp and gives me flaking. But this is more creamy than oily...it's hard to explain. Maybe it's just because summer is nearing and my hair is behaving better. Or maybe there really is something behind all that "swirl science". The conditioner...the feel of it (yes, I'm extremely well educated in the feel of conditioners too!) is not really up to my standards. I like the Avon one for straight hair: I can feel the liberal doses of silicone and stuff sealing up the cuticle as I put it on. But the Hydralicious one actually does work quite well. I guess with the amazing shampoo (a Rachael Ray top pick, actually), you don't need the insane conditioner. I think I'll wash my hair tomorrow and try it with my old friend Avon just for the heck of it. Expect an update, unless I get drowned in homework again.

Now for the story. Imagine this scenario...you have a MAJOR hairstyling competition tomorrow at 8AM. It is 10PM as we speak. You realize just now that the rules for the updo portion say "no pre-setting of any kind". And you have been fooling around with your updo mannequin all week and it is currently wearing curling-iron ringlets. Oh, shoot. And it takes an eternity to shampoo a long hair mannequin! It tangles and half the hair rips out: because mannequin hair has had the cuticle removed so it doesn't tangle. Yeah. Right. It can take half an hour just to comb the snarls out afterward. But wait! You have had an epiphany! Matchstick sent you a big basket of shampoo that you are yet to try out! There's one for damaged and stressed hair. And it's purple, your favourite colour. SICK. You grab the head off its stand and make a mad dash for the sink. And what's this? The hair isn't tangling! After an entire highschool career of agonizing over mannequin shampooing, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. You rinse out the conditioner and dry it off (cringing slightly as you do so, that always makes the matting worse...). The wide tooth comb glides through like melted butter. You wake up to a long haired mannequin with no tangles, that smells amazing, and whose hair is the softest you've ever felt on a mannequin. And the shine!!

I won third place. :-)

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