April 30, 2009


Okay, so I had some issues with the volume system. But it did what it promised, I can say at least that much. But the pink one? Self-targeting moisture...a big fancy word for "cleansing without stripping, lightly moisturizing".

My review is actually pretty brief for once. This particular one uses a bunch of technical jargon that just makes me laugh (to roughly quote the Cosmetics Cop, there are no new innovations when it comes to shampoo). I gave this one a shot...and it really just wasn't enough for my hair. My hair is naturally curly, coloured on top and bleached on the bottom. It needs lots of conditioning and this didn't cut it. Which I didn't expect it to...but the thing is, of all three systems, this is the one for "normal" hair and should technically replace Hello Hydration, which I really liked. But it was quite below par, in my opinion. I even tried using the self-targeting shampoo with the purple (next review!) conditioner. Still didn't work. My hair just looked really dry, even with my amazing styling products. I've used some pretty lousy shampoos and conditioners. But they never made my hair look bad, per se.

This system would be okay for someone with fine hair that doesn't need any additional moisture. But why bother, when there are better options?

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