April 29, 2009


This is the orange Hydralicious. It's supposed to be volumizing.

It was very volumizing. I had a bad hair day.

See, my hair doesn't really need volumizing. I like it really flat. But I tried it, just for the fun of it. I have to say that I liked the formula of the shampoo and conditioner best of all with the Featherweight system. Just in the feel and "slip". And trust me, I know my slip. I work in a salon and basically all I do (besides make coffee) is shampoo hair. I have used a lot of shampoo. I've been there ten months, and I have tried so many kinds...it's pretty neat, actually, because I get to see how different products work on different kinds of hair, whereas when I try things on myself I only get to see how things work out with my wonky hair type: thick at the scalp, fine at the ends, bleached, and curly. So this had a very nice workability to it. The shampoo actually cleansed the most nicely of all the Hydralicious, leaving the perfect balance of natural oils behind while getting rid of all the crud. But the conditioner was really lacking in the moisture department: it detangled more than anything else, obviously so it wouldn't weigh hair down.

This system does precisely what it says to, has a nice scent, and the shampoo rocks shampoowise. But it's not for me. I also let my mom try it and it worked really well for her fine, limp hair.

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