April 29, 2009


Is that a word?

Anyway, I signed up for Matchstick's recent marketing program for the new Herbal Essences Hydralicious line. I wanted to see how it compared to Hello Hydration (which you know I love). I just wanted to make that point, that this stuff WAS free...but I'm still going to give it a critical review. And they sent me a basket with one of each shampoo and conditioner, and a bunch of free product coupons. The latter made my hairstyling teacher estatic.

I'm going to review each system seperately, but I thought I'd give a general opinion here. The conditioners are around average, but the shampoos are really quite different from anything I've tried before. They are really, really THICK. And bright colours. And creamy swirled with gel. The formula really took some getting used to. But is this supposed innovation any better than what I was already using? Keep in mind I have been using Artego shampoo--a salon line. Not that I'm biased to drugstore vs. salon, I know what goes on behind the scenes and it's typically the same laboratories when it comes out in the wash. Or should I say the shampoo suds. ;) Well, it really depended on the formula. Yes, these do what they say. But Clairol doesn't have me convinced that they've reinvented the wheel. And the whole swirly thing? MARKETING.

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