February 02, 2009

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar (Honey, Honey)

So, today's lip of the day:

Avon Glazewear Diamonds lipstick in Coral Goddess
topped with
Revlon LE Sugar Sugar in Peri-Twinkle

Interesting, obviously if you're good with cutesy names there's a job in the lip product industry for you. Coral Goddess is one of my all-time favourite lipsticks. A perfect coral red with the perfect amount of shimmer and gloss. This one makes the list of things I'd bring to a deserted island. Sugar Sugar is a highly debated product. It's marketed as "lip topping" and is basically lip sparkles in a little jar with a spatula-type applicator. I picked it out since I had a $5 Revlon coupon and it was on clearance anyway. It's really quite decent and I don't see what everyone hates it so much for. Adds that very nice special touch to your look.

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