February 01, 2009

Lip of the Day

I noticed that there is a multitude of lip product sitting in my drawer, and half the time I go around with bare lips anyway. So in an attempt to remedy this, I'll try to post a Lip of the Day every day, using different products each time. I can't promise pictures though, I'm back to school tomorrow and it will be a big hassle.

Today: Avon Glazewear lipstick in Beach Plum with mark Juice Gems in limited edition shade Candy Cane.

Beach Plum works very well with the outfit I'm wearing today, which is a violet top. It's a purpley-pink shade which I think would work better on someone less pale but still looks decent. Candy Cane is cool and tingly on the lips (but has no candy cane smell to speak of). A colourless gloss with multicoloured sparkles.

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Mama Squirrel said...

"I love my lips." --Your Mom