February 11, 2009

One Girl's Trash is Another's Treasure?

For a long time I have been a fan and participant of makeupalley.com. It's an amazing website to find honest consumer reviews on pretty much anything beautiful. (For those who are already members: my profile is here if you are interested.)

I've read the reviews, done my consumer research, and chatted on the boards (been there through a few of the "crazes" too...Black Satin, LashBlast, etc.). Even posted pictures. I've advised people through hair disasters and had others give me recommendations. But I've never utilized their Swap feature. So that's my new thing I'm trying out this week! I have a few items up on my wishlist and roughly a dozen up for swap...many that I aforementioned here, see if anyone wants them before I throw them in a bag for that swapping party.

So my question for you, readers: Any thoughts on this feature?

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