February 11, 2009

The eternal debate: CoverGirl vs. Maybelline

My previous post mentioning Lashblast and other items with major hype surrounding them being launched reminded me of my experiences with these products.

CoverGirl is the brand that is always moving, always trying new things. The breakthrough silicone-moulded mascara wand, for example. Maybelline, on the other hand still has the idea floating around that they're not as hip, and almost a CoverGirl shadow (think about it! They always launch a similar product right after CoverGirl does). But does that make them the less preferred brand?

Personally, I much prefer Maybelline. CoverGirl, I have typically been less than impressed with. They are cheaper consistently than CoverGirl (despite that CG always has coupons) for a superior product. Take their mascaras, for example. I tried the much-raved about Lash Exact and just hated it. It was a wet sloppy mess on a less than exciting brush. But Maybelline's mascaras, I have always had at least a decent result. Yes, I have tried Great Lash. It's an everyday mascara for those with unsatisfactory lashes. But it was decent. I loved loved loved Unstoppable which gave me a light feathery look, and I found their "jungle brush" to be more of a breakthrough than anything I've used made out of silicone. Currently I'm using The Colossal Mascara by Maybelline and I'm more than satisfied with it. Why does everyone get so excited about CG mascara? Maybelline doesn't come out with a copycat product. They come out with a better one.

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