February 22, 2009

How to Wear a Vest (without looking like a dude)

Mhm, that is the possible side effect of wearing a trendy item. They don't suit everyone, no pun intended. I went shopping last weekend and picked up a gray and white striped vest at Smart Set. My friend I was shopping with said, "I wonder if you could pull off a vest?", to which I responded, "I bet I could!". After trying it on we both agreed I could pull it off, so I picked it up, but I found it difficult to envision with my wardrobe.

So this is the trick: wear something extremely feminine underneath, either in a solid colour or something that coordinates well. The mannequin in the store had on a ruffly blue top. But what I pulled in the compliments with today (no kidding!) was another gray and white item...a corset-front blouse from Giant Tiger (shhh). Anyway, they blended together quite nicely. The benefit of the corset-front part is that there's a bow tied at the top which reminds you enough of a tie that it works with the vest idea, but still remains feminine. Plus I didn't need accessories or anything. Because you really shouldn't overaccessorize:

The vest should remain the focal point.

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