February 24, 2009

Maybelline XXL: The Colossal

You can laugh at the tube. You can laugh at the name. But it gives you amazing eyelashes. ;)
Of all the mascaras I've used, this one really does impress me the most. It gives long, thick, perfect lashes. It does not clump. You don't have to wait for the tube to "age" before it gives perfect results (I'm sure you know what I'm talking about...all those ones *cough*CoverGirl*cough* that are super watery or clumpy when you first open them). The "Glam Black" shade is a lovely deep black. It does flake, and you will have to check for raccoon eyes. But it is worth it, and I haven't found a mascara that doesn't to some degree (well, except maybe Great Lash, but we all know about that one). Colossal comes at a drugstore price ten bucks Canadian or under, depending on sales or coupons, which are prominent. The brush is nothing fancy, no heat-injected silicone or 45-degree angling or vibrating. But it is quite large and does the trick.

I only wear mascara when I want stupendously beautiful lashes. I'm quite happy with my own so I have no need for a "day" mascara. Hence, I am quite picky about the degree of enhancement in a mascara, because if it doesn't do a lot then what's the point? This surpasses my expectations and completes my look. Thumbs up, Maybelline Colossal.

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