February 19, 2009

And the results are in...

Just over twelve hours. I put my makeup on just before I left the house at 8:45 this morning. I did not touch it up in any way, shape or form. I am sitting here at 9:15 in the evening writing this. And you know what? My skin still looks pretty much the same as it did when I left. Shocking, isn't it? And then take into consideration that during those twelve hours I was (in this order): outdoors, in a car with hot air blowing in my face, at school, outdoors again, on a bus, outdoors again, at work, outdoors, in the car with the hot air blowing on my face, outdoors again, in the bank, outdoors again, in the car again, outdoors once again and finally at home. Take into mind that I have a very bad habit of rubbing my face. Remember that I do not wear a hat, scarf or any type of face covering when outdoors. And know that my skin is just now finally coming under control after a very strangely savage outbreak over the weekend so I have some pretty heavy duty covering up to do.

That's right! It did stay on for twelve hours and is still going!
So what is my magic combination?
Actually, it was kind of an accident. When I woke up I splashed my face with water as I do every morning. This morning I noticed my skin felt uncomfortably dry afterward (most likely because of the treatment I have been using because of the aforementioned way my skin went crazy). I didn't want to use moisturizer because the one I like to use best has blue sparkles in it. Don't ask... Anyway, at the swap party I went to over the weekend I swapped for a bottle of MAC Fix+. It's a primer that comes in a spray bottle. I hadn't had a chance to experiment with it yet except when I was playing around to see if I could use it to wet my eyeshadow brush. It didn't work particularly well but I did learn that the sprayer is really funny on it, and I wouldn't use it to "mist" my face in a million years.

So I sprayed it in my hand and dipped a wedge sponge in it which I proceeded to wipe over my face. This worked to lightly moisturize. Then I covered up trouble areas with a classic that you've probably heard both good and bad about, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation. I actually like it a lot, it blends extremely nicely, you only need a little. But I was shocked as to how smoothly it went on today. The Fix+ completely smoothed and primed my skin. Then I set that with Mark Powder Buff powder foundation. And that lovely combination lasted all day. I am beyond shocked!

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