January 30, 2009

Clearin' Out (hair-care)

In continuation from the original post...

got2b playful texturizing creme pommade. Yes, that is how they spelled pomade. A nice product, not super greasy, smells like whipped cream. My problem here? It really didn't do anything. I much prefer the bain de terre honey pomade I'm using now.

An extra tube of Natural Instincts once-a-week Color Treat. This is the stuff that comes in the box with Natural Instincts hair colour. I did hear rumour that it's sold somewhere seperately although I haven't seen that myself. Again, a mediocre product. If you want a conditioner for coloured hair, there are better. If you want a deep conditioner, this is not a deep conditioner. My guess is that this is a pH balancing conditioner to restore hair's pH after the hair colouring. In which case, why such a large tube? You don't need to restore pH once a week. For a nice moisturizing cuticle-sealing conditioner, I use Avon's Sleek and Smooth conditioner. When my colour needs a boost, I use a coloured conditioner. Although, this stuff did work decently to mix with one of those little colour packets that are waaaaay too messy to use on their own. But why did I choose Color Treat to mix with it? Because I had so many tubes of the stuff sitting around from every time I colour my hair.

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