January 30, 2009

Clearin' Out (the clothes)

Well, usually some time in January I begin my yearly expedition through my room and throw out a bunch of stuff. January is the time of year when I throw out that liquid eyeliner that smells funky, put the jeans with the wear and tear marks up on the shelf, and buy new ones.

This year, I have been invited to a swap party. So I have a whole bag of stuff sitting here waiting for two weekends from now when my trash turns to someone's treasure. Or not. But after all the things I rave about on here, what better than a post on WHY I would get rid of some of these things?

Levi's boot cut jeans.

I was quite the Levi's fan in my childhood, when I actually needed pants that would hold up through outdoor play, falling down, and still be in great shape to pass down through my two little sisters. I'm not saying Levi's aren't good anymore. Just not good for me, because they don't come in a dark enough wash for my work environment. Plus this pair is a size too big because I bought them at the outlet store, they didn't have my size, and I bought a size up instead of a size down. I had forgotten that pants don't shrink anymore. They loosen.

A lovely 3/4 sleeve salmon pink cardigan. Bought at a rummage sale last year for my halloween costume...one of the Pink Ladies.

I tried wearing it around the house, but the fact that I was wearing a CARDIGAN scarily reminiscent of those forced upon my as a child was a little much.

Brown high-waist skinny jeans. Need I say more?

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Mama Squirrel said...

Aw--you used to LIKE your candy cane sweater. When you were two.

Love, Your Mom