January 13, 2009

10 wonderful things starting with A

My Mama Squirrel tagged me to do this...since this is a beauty blog, I am going to skip all the "A" things that I love (Arthur! ALF! Apple pie!) and tailor it to beauty-related items.

1. Avon is a brand I've recently gotten to know a lot better, and they have some pretty good deals!
2. Aerosol hairspray: because non-aerosol just gives you a big wet spot on your head.
3. Accessories
4. Ardene is a uniquely Canadian accessories store which I frequent. The standalones also sell clothes. Oh, and they have a no-charge discount program!
5. Auburn hair
6. Aesthetics is going to be offered as a course at my highschool next year!
7. Acetone-based polish remover: the only use I see for non-acetone is for fake nails, otherwise it just wastes your time and frustrates you.
8. Awfully big discounts.
9. Beauty Addict (the last part is an A!).
10. Not so beautiful, but I recently saw Australia and despite it being three hours long, it was an excellent movie.

1 comment:

Mama Squirrel said...

Awesome! You get an A.