September 13, 2008

Pantene Ice Shine Hairspray

I needed some new hairspray and I wanted one that would add some shine so I picked up Pantene Ice Shine. It's not as shiny as a shine spray, but I am quite impressed, my hair looks shiny and healthy...which is hard to do when you have curly hair! It doesn't have the best humidity defense, but it doesn't flake out of my hair and the hold is pretty good. I used to take forever styling my hair by wetting it down, putting in gel and anti-frizz serum, scrunching, etc, etc. All I have to do with this hairspray (I always bought non aerosol before which really doesn't have the same effect) is finger comb my hair, spray it on, and finger comb again, and it looks good for most of the day! Shiny, still fairly bouncy, but my curls are glued together well.
Wow, for a cheapie product I'm actually impressed...
Only thing is,it does have a strange smell. Like all Pantene hairspray. I would liken it to burnt dead flowers, however my dad said I smelled like smoke. The smell does fade but boy is it strange!
It's a nice big can, was around three bucks (and would have been less, there are always Pantene coupons but I forgot that I had some). I have no more to say, I like this hairspray!

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