December 15, 2007

Why are the best clues always in the garbage?

That's the title of a book in a mystery series I read when I was a kid. But I think it is applying here.

Today we did our grocery shopping at Giant Tiger. I didn't want to grocery shop so I wandered around the clothing aisle. After a bit of browsing I came up with one of these:

$54 at Urban Outfitters. $12 at GT, and mine is way cuter. It's a solid black babydoll cardigan, minus the collar and puffy sleeves (still short sleeved), with 4 vs. 5 buttons. I typically don't go for babydoll because I hate buying into trends and I don't like looking pregnant since I'm not. But this was really cute. The point here: why would you even bother going to a trendy store and forking over a good chunk of a paycheque for something not even as cute as the one at the discount store?! Hmm...good question...

I also got a burgundy cami. $5, I think. Looks good under the sweater and I think it will go good with a lot of other things. The label is laughable though: "Inbuilt bro. 2-in-1 Comisole/Brossiere." No wonder it's so cheap, they didn't bother buying a dictionary at the label factory.

I guess my main idea I'm trying to get across is don't knock it until you've tried it. Some of my favourite outfits are from GT. The other favourites are from a trendy used clothing store in our Uptown. I have maybe two...? sweaters from Old Navy. And a tube top from American Eagle, bought used. Basically, as I found out on a shopping trip I took in November...every store may have something to offer me. But I don't need to stick to just that store. When I went to Old Navy on that trip, I walked through the entire store. The only things I liked were the shawl collar sweaters and the ballet flats. Their shoes are too small for my big feet. So I walked out with one sweater. The cashier just gave me this look, like I was some kind of crazy. Everyone else at the checkouts just had bags and bags of things. She asked, "Is that all today?". Then I walked over to Ardene and picked out a couple of tops. Their store isn't even technically a clothes store, it's an accessories store, and they had more to offer me than the popular clothing store. Meh. That's life.


Mama Squirrel said...

"I don't like looking pregnant WHEN I'm not."

Maybe you should clarify that?

Your Mother
who is very proud that you can outfit yourself acceptably from the GT

The Apprentice said...

I don't think that needs much my opinion "when" can mean the same thing as "since". But I will change that.