December 15, 2007

New Hair cut!

I guess I'm now officially shoulder length? I'm very happy though. I let my dad do it (WHOA, big mistake! you might respond--nah, he's good.) Maybe I'll put up a picture once I've let it dry curly because if I put up a pic now, you won't get a very good idea at hair doesn't like being blow-dried so I flatironed it after. I got it angled up toward the back, I wanted layers but that's not one of dad's specialties so if I decide I still want that I can get someone in my hairstyling class to do it. At this length I don't know if I'll need them though because what I wanted them for was to enhance my curl.

I bet you all virtual Timbits that my hairstyling teacher will notice right away. She's very observant. Last year when I had the class with the other teacher, I had to go like, "Hey, do you like my new haircut?" But it was a really big class, my new teacher has more time and patience to be observant in our class of...5? LOL, supposed to be way more than that but it's mostly older students they hardly ever show up.

I sincerely apologize for rambling!

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