December 11, 2007

Pros and Cons

Well, I was able to use the Radiant Red conditioner last night. I love the colour and the smell and the good news is that the smell does not linger in any way whatsoever! However, maybe I just need to use it a few more time or something but it seems a tad inferior to whatever it was I used last time (I think it was Artego Fruitree Peach). My hair felt insanely amazing...and now it's just sort of okay. Maybe I'm being biased though...after a few more uses I'll know for sure because this conditioner is supposed to make your hair really soft and shiny. Last time I washed my hair I used Frizz-Ease, though, CO washed (conditioner-only), and used essential oil on the ends. This time I just used gel.
Okay, so typing out this post has made me notice how biased I was! LOL...

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