January 04, 2010


Back in the summer, my local drugstore had a rather intriguing sale where all mascara was 50% off. So I stocked up, because it's one of the only things I actually run out of. And I actually had this particular post in mind when I was in the checkout line: I'd wait until I'd used them all and then write a post summarizing them.


Prestige Lash Matrix
Supposed to "tube" your lashes like Kiss Me by Blinc or any of its knockoffs. L'Oreal made one which I tried and actually liked a lot except it didn't give me quite the look I was going for. At any rate, this one is a joke. I actually really loved the way it applied and how it looked, but the wear was terrible. I know what a tubing mascara is supposed to do, and something is terribly wrong with their formula because those little tubes stay on for a ridiculously long time, and when you wash them off it looks like little spider legs in the drain. This did neither. What it did do, however, was essentially melt off my face. Fun.

Bonne Bell Eye Style
I picked up the indigo colour, and like most coloured mascaras, it's meant to be a wearable blue and not a vivid blue, so I wasn't disappointed at all by the slight tint. Better than others I have tried, actually. The cap also has a lot of glitter embedded in it, but I noticed none of this on my lashes. Slightly phony packaging. This doesn't flake, run, smudge, anything like that. Unfortunately, it hardly does anything. Adds a little bit of definition...no length, volume at all.

L'Oreal Volume Shocking
I liked this for a while, especially with the comb applicator. Actually, I only tossed it because it dried up/expired/etc.. I wouldn't say the volume actually was shocking, but it was a very decent dramatic-style mascara. Thing is, though, I find it pointless using a base coat (this is a two step mascara) because it has the same effect as two coats of the mascara. I give this a thumbs up, there have just been others that I've preferred. The two-in-one thing also makes it really really huge to fit into a cosmetics bag.

Physician's Formula Organic Wear
First off, I really have to say the packaging was different. It looks like a little tree, that's all I can do to describe it. Find a picture online. :) This was an excellent mascara, more of a natural look than dramatic but I can live with that. The application was a dream, no clumps, no nothing. Nice brush. But the wear was horrible. Flaked like no tomorrow. Smudged. Not fun at all, my friends, not fun at all. It also dried up faster than I find most do (how do I know? My eyes get irritated, it clumps and flakes more, and in the case of this product, there was a funky odour).

Has my title confused you yet, or do you have it figured out?

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