January 04, 2010

Back from the Grave

Well, hello. Sorry I haven't been around, but school has been insane! So in addition to being back from the grave, my latest struggle has been trying to not look so. Because, despite the Twilight craze, the deathly pallor thing isn't hot. And the final week or so of school before the break kicked in, I had zero time for makeup in the mornings and the eyeliner/mascara combination I was using decided that in the event of snow (so basically every day) it would turn me into a raccoon...or maybe that looked more like warpaint...camouflage smudges, something along those lines. So I was, in all events, rather pale and besmudged.

So on the break, I experimented with some quick solutions to the aforementioned problems.

How to fix the pallor? I figured out that if I use a little dab of gel bronzer after I moisturize in the morning, I have some rather human looking colour. I can even use blush and have it actually show up afterward!

Previously, I was using Prestige Lash Matrix mascara, and it was flaking and melting right along with my Styli-Style eyeliner which is *supposed* to be semi-permanent, ie. last until you wash it off. This time, I read through the top mascaras and liners in my "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me" and went for two of the more low-end Paula's Picks. Rimmel was also conveniently on sale. Rimmel Lash Maxxx mascara and Exaggerate eyeliner.

The exaggerate eyeliner goes on nearly as excellently as the Styli-Style and also has a little smudger and sharpener built into the end. I can get quite a dark black shade, and it last an amazingly long time, especially for nearly $10 cheaper. And nothing under my eyes, which was the main idea!

And I really like the Lash Maxxx! Which was also ridiculously inexpensive! It has a tiny comb instead of a wand (which I've come to love in a mascara), and it doesn't flake at all while building quite impressive lashes. And you can just keep putting more and more on and it really doesn't clump.

I'm looking lots healthier now.

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