July 27, 2009

Hand Creams part one

It's a lucky thing I decided to make hand creams a part one and part two, because I spent quite a while writing the previous two posts that I should have been able to do yesterday, except for those electrical storms. >.< So today's will be brief and I can extenuate tomorrow.

What should you look for in a hand cream?
Having been a shampoo person for the last year, I need extremely good hand cream and can settle for nothing less than the best. You should ideally have two, one heavier one to "regenerate" your hands overnight, and a lighter one to put on whenever possible during the day. They should be cheap (because there are inexpensive creams out there that work so why bother paying out the nose for something you'll go through like water). For the night one, you want something slightly greasy that will lock in as much moisture as possible. For your day cream, you need something that absorbs quickly and has minimal fragrance (so you don't bother anyone). You want a thick texture, because thinner textures really just make your hands feel "thirstier". Hand cream should not be shimmery, trust me, it gets all over the place.

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