February 27, 2009

Rare Gold

Gold trivia: cyanide is used to remove gold from mineral deposits. So the runoff doesn't contaminate surrounding water bodies, it goes through a process where bacteria decomposes the cyanide. Finally it is run through a tank with trout in it...if the trout are all right, then so will we be.

Avon's Rare Gold is a fragrance that's probably quite overlooked in the catalogues...it's one of their "classics" in a fairly plain bottle that doesn't get any hype. But it's definitely worth your time! It is indeed a classy scent, but not a heavy headachy scent, or a "grandma" scent. Apparently it's "opulent orange flowers mixed with amber". The new Bond Girl 007 scent that they are hyping is actually quite similar. I found it quite overpowering and it didn't work as well as I'd have liked with my skin chemistry. In smelling a tester, I immediately thought of a Rare Gold sample I'd sniffed. I went back and found my strip...and loved it so much I ordered myself some Rare Gold. And I was right, it's excellent. I can't rave enough about the amber note. There's something about amber that works really well on me and it's definitely different from your average florals or orientals. I ordered the new shimmer gel version since it was the cheapest one I could find and I wasn't wanting to buy a big bottle in case I turned out not to enjoy it. I think it was four or five dollars (Canadian). The shimmer gel is the perfect medium for this scent. You can put a little or a lot on and it makes a beautiful highlighter.
Triple thumbs up.

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