January 30, 2009

Clearin' Out (cosmetics)

Welcome to the final edition of Clearin' Out! Unlike the other editions, this involves reducing similar products rather than ditching things I hate.

L.A. Girl 3-N-1 Make-Up stick

I've simply moved on to better products. This greasy pencil was a beautiful eyeshadow: that instantly creased; a lovely lipstick, and a hard-to-distribute cheek colour. Now I have actual gold eyeshadow, shimmery bronzers, etc. I'm sure someone else will love it.

mark. pro gloss in Smashing and Swell.

These are fabulous lipglosses. But they were part of a kit I purchased: and are extremely similar to colours I already own. Highly recommended though.

NYC Ultra Moist lipstick in Iced Coffee

I've reviewed this lipstick before. A really great inexpensive lipstick. I just don't wear browns, they appear muddy with my natural colour.

NYC Kiss Gloss in Raspberry

This is a discontinued colour. However, with my skin chemistry, it does not appear a berry, it comes off FUCSHIA. Not a pretty sight.

NYC Pencil & Pout, Melon Duet.
I can't find a picture, but it has a pretty neat concept. A lipliner fits into the top of the lipgloss. But whoever came up with the colour combination was, well, colour blind. Melon Duet includes a brown/"spice" coloured lipliner with a pink gloss. As I've said, I can't wear browns. The gloss is quite sheer. Who needs another sheer pink gloss? Not me. The actual product is high quality and very inexpensive.

Rimmel Colour to Go cream blush, Get Movin'

Since these are discontinued, I purchased from eBay and they gave me two of this colour. A nice product though. Gives a nice natural flush and is great to work with. You can use your fingers or even a blush brush! Makes a nice lipcolour as well. The only reason this is in the bag is because it's a duplicate.

elf Brightening Eye Liner, Noire.

I just don't do black eyeliner. I usually wear navy or brown. Does anyone recall the line from the second Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants book? "The smudgy black rings around her eyes made Krista look vaguely like a drug addict." That's my problem precisely. I didn't buy it, it came in a box of samples. Pulled it out a month or so ago for my sister to use to make cat whiskers for a costume since I didn't want her using my good eyeliner. This stuff is pretty average, but inexpensive. I'm sure this will be one of the first items to be grabbed. There is some strange magnetic force between teenage girls and eyeliner.

Aziza blush duo
The colours are nice, but don't show up all too well. Decently, but if you have an extra buck or two you can get a similar product from Maybelline that will require less effort.

caboodles sun-kissed allover bronzer, in "Hottie"
I hate this product so much it's not even funny. The colour is too orange for someone as pale as myself, and it's just a mess to apply with the self-fed brush thing. I have waaaay better bronzers.

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