August 13, 2008

Premiere Editions Refreshing Body Spray

Actually, the long name is Premiere Editions Refreshing Body Spray No. 12: Our Version of Sunflowers.
Smell what?
In other words, dollar store knockoff. I had been wanting to try Sunflowers for quite a while and when I saw this for a mere dollar I of course snatched it up. Now, I've never smelled Sunflowers but from Makeupalley reviews I knew that it was a light, classic floral.
No. 12 is no such thing. In fact, I will never buy "Premiere Editions" body spray ever again. It's just heavy...yes, floral; but not heavy floral like an expensive eau de parfum and not heavy floral like a million flowers sitting on your chest either: just a strong smell that is identifiable as perfume and floral, but with no decipherable notes...more like an air freshener. Not even Frebreze. One of those things that hangs in your car. That's putting it nicely. Stunk up the whole house too...a body spray shouldn't do that! Supposed to be light!
Not to mention the can is weird too. It wasn't a slim can with a gentle sprayer like most body sprays (or a pump, but this is an aerosol). It's like Raid had too many cans and sent some on over to Premiere Editions.
Please don't bother with this!

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