August 18, 2008


I truly doubt that my title brought anything to mind. Baolishi is a company that many people will have seen their products but still be unfamiliar with the name, because they are sold at dollar stores. As far as I know that's the only place I've found them. They actually have a pretty wide range, check out their website.

The only product I've tried from their line is their lipgloss and lipstick duo. I have a red colour...the lipstick is red, the gloss is corally red. No shade name is on the tube. The packaging has a little to be desired...the cap falls off the lipstick end a lot, actually the whole lipstick casing came out of the connector eventually, and the lettering is almost completely worn off...take note, this is after 1-2 years of use... But for a product that cost a dollar, who really cares what the packaging is like? The duo which I haven't seen at the dollar store since I purchased it (it could be d/c since it's not on their site, however my dollar store tends to stock different stuff all the time, so you never know!) has fairly functional packaging compared to some of their single glosses but it is still cute enough to not be embarrassing to pull out of a handbag.

The product itself is why I am reviewing it, however. The gloss I have been complimented on several times...coral is a wonderful shade on me and this is a very very nice coral. It's not a shiny glossy gloss though, if that is what you like. However it is loaded with shimmer...not metallic at all but there are lots of reflective particles here if that is what you like...and it makes up for no gloss. It's still lip gloss, just a little different look. Depending on how much you put on you can vary the intensity, which is a plus unlike some glosses which no matter how much you put on look the same. So the gloss is really super in my opinion. The lipstick is also very nice. May I warn you, this is highly opaque lipcolour. Despite being sold at the dollar store they did not skimp on the pigmentation. I made half the stick into lipgloss (so I have a sheer red) and wear the rest on occasion--halloween, trying out a look for fun, etc. The colour I selected takes a Gwen Stefani attitude to pull off, in fact, I'm not even sure she's worn anything quite as statement-making--because this is a very clear, bright, blue based red. And did I mention this is glossy? A thumbs up from me, despite the fact that I should have picked maybe a pink... It really has such a nice gloss to it. Maybe gloss isn't the right word, it's not lipgloss glossy. But it just has such a nice look to it, creamy and not dry/matte--is shiny a better word? Kind of like how a Lipsmacker is glossy.

So if you are in your local discount or dollar store, why not take a peek and see if they have Baolishi? I doubt you will be disappointed!

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