January 07, 2008

Back to school Christmas brags

So today everyone is back at school from the Christmas and New Year's holidays. I was sitting at lunch with my friends, catching up, and my one friend excitedly pulls out a very familiar bottle she has gotten for Christmas:

Shania by Stetson. She let me have a good sniff and showed me the matching hand lotion. Now, a country music obsessed friend of mine got this for Christmas years ago. In the bottle it smells nice but nothing really special. On my country music friend it smells exactly like Bonne Bell Bottled Emotions in Lucky:

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(first on the left)

I have Lucky and it's a nice scent, so after smelling it on her I thought nothing more of it. Until today. I sniffed it in the bottle. Again, nice scent. Eh. But then she said, "Want some?" I knew I liked Lucky and I hadn't brought it with me so I figured, what the heck...but on me it is totally different than Lucky. The only similarity I can smell is that they are both young, clean, fresh scents. It's just beautiful. I like it more than Lucky, much more. It's quite light, appropriate for everyday, and lacks the alcohol undertones of Lucky (and most of my other fragrances). Shania's website has this to say: "Shania by Stetson is a bright and beautiful fragrance with an original "Western Heart Accord" of wild prairie rose, vivid freesia and country honeysuckle with a hint of vine-ripe raspberries, and pomegranate — it's the West with a bright new edge, shining with femininity." I can definitely smell the rose, but it's not headachy or gross. I can smell the freesia and raspberries as well, although I don't know what honeysuckle or pomegranate smell like so I can't comment there. All I can say is this smells amazing on me and the 3pc gift set at Walmart is only $18! Guess what I'll be adding to my shopping list...

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