August 13, 2007

Followup #2: Touch Base (e/s base that is!)

"...I've been looking for UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) on eBay, if I can score some of that I think I can get good results out of some of my other shadows which are quite crummy as far as pigmentation goes..."
-EOTD: Flamboyant by L'Oreal

I know I should have pics for this but I couldn't wait to tell my readers. Forget UDPP. Mama macaroni, did you know there were so many uses for Vaseline? Lots of people know its purposes as lip balm, moisturizer, brow wax, and the list goes on. But one day as I logged into my Makeupalley account, I glanced at the featured reviews and saw one by my favourite reviewer skandelouslala (to quote her, "self-proclaimed queen of the drugstore"), for Vaseline of all things. I clicked of course and up popped this review explaining how Vaseline is gaining popularity as an eyeshadow base! I immediately thought...oh wow! I wonder if that would work for me. As I was about to race upstairs for my eyeshadow and a tub of Vaseline I realized something. We don't have Vaseline. I laughed. I cried. And then I got an idea. We had this:
Vitamin E Liposome Cream - with Vitamins A and D
Swiss Herbal Remedies Vitamin E Liposome Ointment (I know the pic says Cream but ours is actually the ointment and I couldn't find a picture of it). Okay, you may be wondering what Liposome Ointment has to do with eyeshadow. Well, we picked this stuff up when my little sister had a bad cut and the lady at the health food store told us a long gruesome story about her nephew whose nose accidentally got torn off in a fall and they used the ointment to heal and he didn't have scarring. So we kinda figured it could work on her cut. :-P
It's a very similar consistency to Vaseline and after my sister's cut healed (with no scarring BTW) we found ourselves with a 50 gram jar of it on our hands. It even smells like Vaseline, but less strongly. So we use it for a lot of the things one would use Vaseline for, as well as for ouchies.
I figured, what the heck. It smells less pungent and is less greasy, I suppose it's basically Vaseline with some other stuff like liposomes in it. I had a better feeling about smearing it on my eyelids than I would with Vaseline. But if you had Vaseline, I would probably go for that instead. You could end up with even better results than I did (oops, spoiler). The results, as with skandelouslala, were like day and night. Black and white. My Colour Workshop and NYC shadows now have new life as pigmented eyeshadows rather than coloured pressed dust. I have no pics at the moment but just read the review I linked to and you'll see some. Probably better than I could do. As she says, it's not greasy because you only need a tiny bit. However I did experience funny wear. If it gets smeared off somehow it leaves traces behind that look very strange. This however was after being in the pool so I suppose it doesn't agree with the damp. It is after all a moisturizer which is designed to hold and draw in the damp. And I did experience some creasing. But remember, this is with fake Vaseline! LOL. If you haven't read her review and tried it, go go go now now now to the bathroom cupboard and look for anything resembling Vaseline. You'll be blown out of this world!

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