July 20, 2007

EOTD--Flamboyant by L'Oreal

I went shopping this afternoon and I got a dress (I will post a picture because I love it!), a music book (for my voice lessons), Bold! TicTac (do NOT get the mint flavour like I did...tastes like Buckley's Mixture), and this:

I love purple and yellow together so I had to buy this, although to me $10 is a bit pricey for an eyeshadow. The colours are very nice but the application is a bit choppy. The yellow doesn't have much staying power and the purple is sheer but very vibrant. I think I can make this look pretty awesome with a bit of layering. I can try it on top of concealer and I think that will work really well. I've been looking for UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) on eBay, if I can score some of that I think I can get good results out of some of my other shadows which are quite crummy as far as pigmentation goes.

I like how it opens at the bottom too with the little mirror.

Here is the results of me fooling around with this duo this evening...and this is my first EOTD!! All I used was the shadow with a bit of powder on top to set it.

P.S. Do the colours of these duos remind anyone of MAC C-Shock and Moonbathe? *cough*goingbananas*cough*. There was a duo that I think I might get with a colour in it reminiscent of *cough*firespot*cough*.


Anonymous said...

It shows up a lot brighter with a primer or concealer underneath.
Also, don't use sponge applicators,
Brushes apply the product with a much
More intense effect.

If that doesn't work for you,
[i have the same shadows]
Then try slightly wetting the brush.


The Apprentice said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try that really soon. I just wish I had batteries in my camera because then I could post my results...