July 19, 2007


I thought it would be cool to show you my stuff and how I organize it. To start with, this is my makeup drawer:

Starting with the hair brushes in the lower corner and going clockwise: hair tools and products, eye m/u (pink lid), face m/u (pink box), lips (black box), fragrance, tools/containers (white bowl), body (basket). I only put all this stuff in a drawer a while ago. Before it was floating around in a rubbermaid dishpan box and the organizer I'll show you next, which is now holding my earrings. Oh yeah...and all over my dresser too! If you see a product in any of these pictures you'd like to know more about you can let me know in the comments.

This is my earring tree which I discovered last night and which inspired me to do this whole post, because it looked so cool. It's just your standard plastic organizer from the dollar store (that was holding my makeup previously) with decorative holes in the sides (one of the reasons I took my makeup out was my smaller brushes kept falling out of the holes). I just put the earrings into the holes...it looks great and I can find everything much more quickly. And that's just the front side. Right now I have twenty-one pairs (my pink hoops are missing from the picture) and they fit perfectly so if I get any more I'll have lots of room.

This is my nail bag. Again as with the earring tree, I had this bag sitting around I'd been given but I didn't know what to do with it. Somehow I came up with the great idea of putting all my nail stuff in it.

On the left are my implements, and on the right other pockets, all that's in there right now are some French manicure stickers.

At the top is my nail polish, and the backside of my implements pocket holds random stuff...nail stickers/decals, fake nails, Klutz nail art paint (mostly dried out).

And this is the last pocket, where I keep nail polish remover and creams (like cuticle remover).

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