December 27, 2011

I'm Still Alive and Cutting

How do you stay in touch with the hair and makeup world when you're no longer in it?

It doesn't hurt to have a teenage sister who stays savvy with all the Youtube makeup gurus. I'd have no idea what "Baby Lips" is were it not for scouring four stores until I finally found the pink colour for her Christmas present.

I wrote my hairdresser's final back in July and passed with flying colours. A few months later I quit my salon job of three years and started working on my honours bachelor of science.

Wait, what? Well, that really has been my plan for some time now. I love both worlds and couldn't see myself not being a hairdresser, or not being a scientist. Hopefully one day I'll find some blissful fusion of the two. Did you know hairdressing has its very own science? Trichology: the science of hair. The next few posts I'll be sharing are pieces I've written over the past term for my class blog. The idea is to take a scientific concept presented in class and expand upon it using an interdisciplinary approach. These posts will look a bit different than my usual format, however I can promise the same delightful blend of dry humour and a unique perspective.

So while I haven't been poring over Vogue while sitting at reception pricing Goldwell's latest and greatest--heck, I haven't even been wearing makeup--I still have beauty on my mind. I've even managed to keep up freelancing both with my former clientele and at the university.

P.S. I do try to keep up. I enjoy following a few blogs such as Oh So Coco.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! change the text to be white!

The Apprentice said...

I've adjusted the font colours and the shading of the background to optimize contrast and readability. Let me know what you think.

Sam said...

well a post on facebook makes the mystery a lot less fun :( (though, I can tell you, I don't know many people interested in Neopets, Doctor Who and hairdressing anyhow ;)
Anywho, being in both science AND being a hairdresser already makes you cooler than most people already.
I hope my lack of brackets at the end of my first 'sentence' (as I don't have a period in there either, (also on purpose) I'm not sure if it is appropriate to call it so) drives you crazy for the rest of the day, and I wish you good night.

The Apprentice said...

I had managed to convince myself that there was indeed an end bracket, preceded by a sadly misplaced semicolon, but then you pointed out the lack of a period and I started twitching. You bring shame to your family with your shoddy capitalization skills.

That Facebook post was poorly timed for your mystery, I'll admit, but I was hoping you weren't a devoted enough follower to bother clicking all the links I spam my friends with. I like to keep people informed when I update my blog every six months or so.