April 20, 2011

Where am I now?

Well, folks, it's that time of the year again, the time of year where I make my annual blog post saying ohgoodnessitsbeenalongtimesinceipostedilovemakeup. To be honest, I have a selective memory like a molecular sieve and the fact that I even have a blog tends to fall through the holes most of the time.

Where have I been? The past couple years have been me finishing up highschool while simultaneously getting a headstart on my hairstyling apprenticeship, thanks to Ontario's Youth Apprenticeship Program (which deserves at least one if not many posts in its own right that I may or may not remember to write). This while focusing my academics heavily into the maths and sciences, and this year (I went back after graduating to fit all those courses in) writing exhaustingly long university and scholarship applications, not to mention writing (and passing with flying colours!) the two pre-licensing hairdresser tests (in Ontario, becoming a hairdresser is a lot like getting a driver's license: there's a graduated levels system and you need lots of in-car hours). So basically, when I wasn't in school or studying, I was working. Somewhere in there I had a social and extracurricular life. Blogging hasn't exactly been a priority.

Where am I now? I've been given uber-early acceptance at one university (we're talking twelve days after the application deadline!), regular early acceptance at another, and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting on my top choice, a specialized science program that sends out all its acceptance letters in one shot. Frustratingly enough, that is the only program which would require me to move away, although it would be worth it in ways I cannot even begin to express. I should hear from them in a few weeks and decide what to do with myself. I'm ever so close to finishing my hairdresser's licence. I need to give someone a perm. I finished school in January and I'm looking for a second job.

What have I been up to, beauty-wise? Unfortunately, most of last school year and the half of this one that I was enrolled, makeup was a dusting of powder and some mascara in the girl's washroom before school started. Or, if I was really organized, I might have had something exciting like highlighter or eyeliner that I could attempt to apply on the bus, that is when I wasn't eating breakfast on the bus. Yes, I had a pretty intense last couple semesters. And I really dislike getting up in the morning. Not to mention that nail polish really just doesn't stay on when you're doing upwards of twenty shampoos in a shift. On the other hand, I did go through a few rather enjoyable transitions with my hair. It can't be helped when one works at a salon, takes hairstyling classes, and spends all her free time at the beauty supply store. Since I last posted a picture of my hair, I've been through long hair, medium hair, short hair, having the underneath bleached out, purple highlights, cutting bangs back in for the first time in years, nearly black, black currant, copper...and my present state of affairs involves my natural colour (a medium brown) completely grown out, and an asymmetrical short cut (above my shoulders! gasp! but yeah, I haven't had hair this short since I was little)  designed to show off my curls-I-never-knew-I-had to a spectacular extent.

And what am I planning? I'd really like to get back into the swing of blogging, at the very least until I find another job to fill up some more of my time. I have tons of products to review and rants to rave and I've missed writing. We'll see what happens. For now...if you didn't bother reading through my extraneous boulders of text up there, here's a pictorial representation of me in 2011.

And for those who may be furthermore interested, here's what I was working on my final semester of school, aside from calculus, physics and kinesiology:

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Dollygirl said...

That thing with all the curlers is awesome!