March 05, 2010

Thinkin' About Spring

Way up North here us Canucks have finally been experiencing some warmish weather and sunshine, which is rather unusual for March where we usually trudge through the slush for a whole month in our warmest parkas and let the car warm up while we heave the fluffy white stuff out of the driveway. So I've been thinking about spring.

The best things about fashion in the spring is that one no longer needs to worry about how ridiculous they look with a skirt sticking out the bottom of their parka, or bringing a bag with their heels in it because they wouldn't even make it past the doorstep without boots. And in spring, the skirts and dresses reappear! For now, it's finally warmed up enough that I can aim to wear a few outfits with leggings, and start wearing some of my other lovely shoes instead of my boots.

In the world of hair, stylists start cutting foils because they know their clients would like to start warming up their hair with some highlights after spending months under a hat or inside. This spring, you can look for more interesting colours besides blonde being used as highlights, and innovative foiling techniques to give natural distributions of colour rather than the 90's zebra-stripe look.

As far as cosmetics go, spring is the time to switch up your classic dark nail colour for a French manicure or a pastel. Forgo the newly trendy matte top coat for a shimmer or pearly finish. Have fun with your lip colour now that you can break out of the rut of winter chapstick. I've always thought pinks were perfect for spring, and this year bright, clear shades are back.

And hey, you can ditch the deerstalker hat or the tuk your great-grandmother knit (which I'm sure is lovely though) for a lighter hat! Hooray!

Don't forget that with all the snow still on the ground and all this sunshine there's a great deal of light refraction so pick out a couple new pairs of sunglasses in different styles and have them on your dressing table in the morning so not only won't you forget them, but you can pick a pair to match your outfit.

Finally...bring on the metal jewelry! No longer must we squeal in pain when the great outdoors freezes your hoop earrings!

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