August 07, 2009

Beauty for the Young and Inhuman

Did that title perhaps conjure imaginings of spacemen with Dior compacts?

Actually, I meant children and pets. But the picture above does depict Thierry Mugler's "Alien".

A glass nail file is a great alternative to biting your baby's overgrown nails off.

Small nail scissors are ideal for trimming your hamster's knotted fur that is full of aspen shavings.

Children's products, although most companies are yet to get this through their thick skulls, should be fragrance free. Not unscented: that means that there is still a masking fragrance. Fragrance free, to reduce irritants. (That's right, the above photo is three different Johnson's Baby Cologne scents: "Forever Mine", "Summer Swing", "Powder Mist". Idiots.)

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