May 06, 2008

Net Roundup

I realize it's not the end of the week, but I have time now so here are some posts and things that've caught my eye recently. Also gives you something to read while I brainstorm my next post. :-)

Nessasary Makeup has found a possible substitute (more widely available and cheaper too!) to UDPP.

All Lacquered Up points out Herbal Essence's new free manicure/pedicure offer. (I would highly recommend combining it with this coupon.)

Beauty Addict has a fetish for interesting toothpaste and shares her favourites.

Canadian Beauty has found an eye cream that seems to work very well.

ThisThatBeauty is a brand new blog and I love it! Check her out.

Spoiled Pretty has a pretty sweet Mother's Day giveaway.

There's a new Blogthing up, called What Kind of Cereal are You?. I am Cheerios.

You can now mix and match makeup (finally!) at Meez. I guess I'll have to give my Meez a makeover now.

Looks de Maryland has done a really super look that sets her eyes off beautifully.

Things I've Bought That I Love shows off some shoes she wouldn't wear...and some she would.

I'm really enjoying this new game on Neopets: Piper Panic.

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Felicia said...

Hi. Its Felicia from ThisThatBeauty. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog on yours. Very nice of you.

All the best,