March 27, 2008

NYC Shadow

First I would like to apologize for neglecting you all...! :-)

Anyway, on to the review. A couple people had been googling NYC eyeshadow and coming up with my blog on a red herring. NYC has its really horrible products and its excellent products. Eyeshadow is definitely not one of their specialties, unlike rival drugstore company Wet 'n' Wild. I tried their trio-plus-creme-eyeliner and I have to say the quality varies so greatly between colours I wouldn't recommend their pressed shadow at all. It has a lilac, bronze, and peach; with a brown creme liner. The applicator is really chinsy, and I am not comparing this here to a quality eyeshadow brush, just to any other sponge applicator! Very rough and the sponge ends keep coming off the stick! The lilac is very poorly pigmented, and a bit choppy but a nice colour. The peach is my HG of shadow, smooth application and well pigmented. The bronze is not a great colour on me but similar comments apply as to the peach. The creme liner was a "just okay" product and I cleaned what was left out a couple months ago because I always throw out liner pencils after a certain period of time and the little pan seemed even less sanitary.

But! The above mediocre product is fine with me, because their Sparkle Dust shadows are so fantastic! Smooth application, wonderful buildable pigment, easy application, giant amount for a crazy low price...I could go on and on. Gorgeous colours too. Nothing very bright or crazy but you are guaranteed by me personally that there will be at least one that flatters you and you won't be able to live without.

So? Skip over their lousy pressed shadows and head for the loose!


Fabu-less Beauty said...

I stumbled across your blog through another blog. Anyways, have you ever tried their brow kit? I heard good reviews about them.

The Apprentice said...

Thanks for stumbling over here! LOL...which blog did you come from?

Actually, I haven't tried their brow kit but I'd like to. Right now all I use for my brows is Maybelline clear mascara.

(Your blog's real cute! I just added it to my feeds.)

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Actually, I don't remember. I look at some many blogs throughout the day..