February 12, 2008

Fun and games?

Okay, as promised, I am helping you out with those searches (see previous post).
I am seeing a LOT of searches for Makeover Games! That is my specialty! LOL...
Here are some of my favourites (some of them are dress-up games, some makeover, some are a sweet combo!):
DressupGames (tons of links here)
My Story is Makeover (see post)
Polly Pocket (1, 2)
My Scene (1, 2--this one is FANTASTIC, 3, 4)
Makeover Solutions (see bottom of this blog for some of my makeovers from this site)
My Virtual Model
Yahoo! Avatars
Barbie Girls
Shadow Salon (someone was specifically searching "eyeshadow games")

I'll add more to this post as I think of them!

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