February 07, 2008


Hmm...remember my previous post (scroll down a bit) about "Shania" and "Lucky"? I said that I had thought they smelled the same originally, but not anymore. Well, I have been smelling Shania for ages since my friend wears it almost every day. I am getting a bit sick of the heady roses and it's quite strong. Not headache inducing, but headache-y? Anyway, I wore Lucky today (I haven't worn that for a long time) and I realized that it doesn't smell the way it used to. I used to get this crisp, clean smell from it. A touch of musk. Now, it smells like Shania, only with almost a maple syrup note, very foody. Much lighter as well, I can smell the rose and honeysuckle and it's not hurting my head. A bit powdery, too.

So what happened? I adore this new smell but I liked my old Lucky too. Has the fragrance expired? My body chemistry changed? I can just smell the notes better since I've become more familiar with Shania? There is something on my shirt or in my hair reacting? I wore a little bit on Tuesday just for fun and it smelled the way it used to. Then I put it on today and it's very different. Maybe my nose just smells things differently different days. If you remember, another friend of mine has Shania too and it smelled like Lucky to me on her. On friend #1 I can smell the roses and honeysuckle etc. like I can on me.

Maybe I'll mail Bonne Bell and ask for perfume notes. Just for fun. And I will definitely keep wearing Lucky and see what happens.

On a related note, I figured out how to wear fragrance without giving Dad a headache! In other words, how to apply enough so I can smell it but not him. Funny, I used to do this ages ago when I originally got my first EDTs, I'd forgotten. I spray some up in the air and duck into the spray. I sure wish I'd remembered that before.

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