July 29, 2007

Product review: NYC Ultra Moist LipWear

This is something I recently discovered through Makeupalley reviews and now love and wear almost every day...NYC Ultra Moist LipWear:
This is a sheer, somewhat glossy lipstick. Now, I'm not really a lipstick person, but the reviews and the price ($1.49(sale)-$1.99CDN) attracted me, and I had been looking at these for a long time. Actually, specifically for the "Sheer Red" shade because I wanted to try red without looking like I was heavily made up. I haven't bought this shade because I made my own, but that's another post. So one time a couple weeks ago when they were on sale, I picked up "Petal", "Cameo", and "Berry". I loved them so much that I got "Iced Coffee" and "Moonglow" last week. And to a younger person like me, this is a really great thing because it has sheer colour (but a superb range), is somewhat shiny (I always avoid matte with my dry lips), moisturizing...so it's basically lipgloss, but it stays on much much longer, and is actually cheaper than lipgloss. This stuff you can always be sure will have pigment (you can layer too!), whereas lipgloss can be decieving in the tube and be basically clear no matter what it seems to be tinted. So basically I love these and I'm sure I'll get more. I'll tell about the colours for you: "Petal" is a slightly frosty light pink. "Cameo" is a nice peach colour but I have to apply this one with a lip brush so I can be more in control of the application. The lighter colours seem to be frostier (and the darker ones more of a stain), so that is one factor, but also my lips are naturally red rather than pink so I can end up looking orangey if "Cameo" isn't applied right. I wear this one the most though. "Moonglow" is very similar to the above two, but more of a tan/champagne colour which is not as natural looking as the others, but I'm sure I'll be able to wear after a little experimenting. Now that was the lighter colours...the darker ones as I have said are more of a stain, which makes sense, because lighter colours have to lighten your lips somewhat so they're more intense and tend to look like they do in the tube. If the darks were like that I'd save them for halloween. "Berry" looks dark purple with sparkles in the tube but goes on a berry stain that doesn't go fuschia on me! "Iced Coffee" is very YLBB (your lips but better) and leaves me with sheer brick lips...because my lips are naturally red. If your lips were pink you would have a pinky nude, and if you didn't have much colour naturally at all, it would be more brown.

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